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Mingxiutang Apple Cider Vinegar Tablet

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This product is extracted from pure fruit and vegetable extracts.It can effectively dissolve fat, discharge toxins in the body to prevent the accumulation of fat, reshape the body, promote fat grading.It can work well for most people.

Mingxiutang Apple Cider Vinegar Tablet:
The fat will be degraded by the apple cider vinegar to facilitate the metabolism of sugar and protein;
To realize fitness fast while maintaining the beautiful figure;
To deliver a smooth skin with wetting.

Specification: 1000mg * 60 capsules
Main Ingredients: North America fresh apples,fresh grapes,fresh chifi konjac powder,dietary fiber,tea polyphenois,calcium carbonate,Vitamin C etc.
Functional ingredients and content: each 100g contains: brass 1.2g, L-carnitine 19g, oligosaccharides 11.1g

Health functions: Fitness and fat teduced,relieving constipation with laxatives and with beauty effect.
Suitable crowd: simple obesity, excessive subcutaneous fat, mild obesity
Not suitable for people: children, pregnant women, patients with heart disease, etc.
Dosage & Usage: 1time/day, 2capsules/time, take it before or after breakfast.
Shelf life: 24 months
Storage: Store in low temperature, dry, dark place
Note: This product can not replace drugs

Approval Number: Wei Jian fresh word (2000) 0347
Health permit: Su Wei fresh word (2006) No. 321181-019550
Implementation of the standards: Q/321181 RAS 046-2007
Manufacturer: USA Haixinsha technical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

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